Mountains in Clouds



As a young boy I had a sense of awareness that reached beyond the obvious horizon;

I would walk paths in life that only I paved.

Around the age of nineteen I made my first steps towards professional dance theatre.

I believed the stage would be my gateway to a profound mental and physical exploration.

'The body between you and me' was to be my personal theme for 20+ years to come.

Along the way a great many fine directors, choreographers and composers whom I worked with helped me form deep understanding of the various languages theatre and dance can have.

In 2008 I entered the production, technical and dramaturgical side of theatre life which very quickly evolved into designing light for dance theatre.

Although this gave me a different perspective from being on stage, in essence nothing had changed.

My light as it is performs like a dancer. It is a space; breathing and sweating like a body anybody does.    

I have the enormous pleasure of collaborating with both established makers and new-comers alike:  Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Jan Martens, Meg Stuart, Renan Martines, Varinia Canto Vila and many more.

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